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MAP Wiki is a collaborative platform ran by MAPs for MAPs

We are a fully public page, with all of our content being under the Creative Commons license. However to contribute you must get verification from an admin.

We allow anyone to use our content, and we are not associated with or condone any group or person just for their use of our content.

Once verified, please understand we are a MAP based community that’s friendly with other paraphiles.

Please do not upload any content that:

  • is illegal in the United States
  • is pornographic or otherwise inappropriate
  • is abusive to another person or with the intent of harassment
  • is bigoted or anti-MAP
  • is spam or scam related
  • shows real children
  • attempts to solicit illegal content
  • would be considered 'creepy' to the standard of the community in general (AKA use common sense)
  • attempts to cause drama
  • would otherwise be harmful for the site and community

We attempt to be a neutral contact platform for the sake of unbiased content. When writing contributions, please be as neutral and objective as possible on your own political, social, and MAP related ideals and ideologies.

Exceptions can be made for when this isn't possible or appropriate. Writing an article about abuse survivors can have an anti-contact 'tone' to it. Just attempt to keep it as unbiased as possible when you can.

If your account is compromised in any way, please contact an admin as soon as possible. We will restore access and remove the person from your account.

Do not EVER edit the contents of payment/financial/identity information (such as cryptocurrency addresses or GPG keys) UNLESS the information is spam or scam related. In which case you should contact Raccoondad, remove the spam, and then indicate the removal of spam in the summary.

We have the right to remove users from contributing. This can be for any reason.

If rule breaking content is found, email [email protected]

If any content is found breaking the United States law please contact Raccoondad (raccoond[email protected]) AND Lecter (mastodon:@[email protected] as soon as possible.