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The Anarcho-MAP Flag

Anarcho-MAPism is an ideology which combines anarchist principles with the advocacy for the rights of minor attracted people.


Anarcho-MAPism has been defined by its founder as an anarchist school of thought that focuses on MAP liberation in the context of anarchism, and advocates anarchism and social revolution as a means of MAP liberation and the abolition of mapmisia[1].


The term was first coined by ComradeDeath on in October of 2020[2]. This was preceded by several posts about how he believes anarchism and MAP liberation are inherently linked.
The Anarcho-MAP Flag was created shortly afterwards by necromqncer on[3]. Another anarchist MAP Flag was also created by an unknown user on the same site[4].

Basic beliefs

The founder has outlined the primary focuses of Anarcho-MAPism as MAP liberation, sex and kink positivity, youth rights and an opposition to purity culture, the concept of thought crimes and the concept of normalcy.[5]. He also considered including CSA prevention as a secondary goal[6]. He further stated that the goal of Anarcho-MAPism isn't to "get an oppressive and bigoted system to accept [MAPs] by playing by its rules", but to "destroy that system"[7].

Many goals of anarchism would, if implemented, inevitably benefit MAPs too. The abolishment of law enforcement would mean that MAPs can be open about their attraction without having to worry about being reported to the police, and that MAPs who struggle with staying non-offending can seek help without being locked up against their will. Prison abolition and the replacement of punitive justice with rehabilitation would mean that MAPs who do offend are still treated with dignity and kindness. The decriminalization of victimless crimes would mean that harmless expressions of minor attraction, such as fictional child pornography, would be completely legal.


Because Anarcho-MAPism is currently a very niche ideology, there has been very little criticism of it directly. However, there have been some instances of MAPs criticizing anarchism as a means to achieve MAP liberation[8], and many instances of anarchists criticizing MAP liberation[9]. Because anarchism advocates for the liberation of all, anti-MAP anarchists often end up arguing against their own ideals.