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The logo of B4U-ACT

B4U-ACT is an organization with a focus on map mental health. It was founded in 2003 by a map activist Michael F. Melsheimer (August 21, 1942 – July 15, 2010) and a social worker Russel Dick. Its purpose is connecting maps and mental health professionals that want to help them and ensuring productive exchange.


Contrary to a popular assumption, the "U" in the name of the organization does not mean only stopping maps before they offend, but also stopping therapists before they report an innocent client to the police, and other acts of unfair treatment towards maps.

They started with assembling a list of 30 therapists in Maryland that were interested in working with maps in a supportive manner. A group of volunteers was supposed to help potential clients find them, but this system did not work as well as intended due to stigma and lack of information. To improve the situation, B4U-ACT began hosting workshops for maps and mental health professionals, where the latter could learn more about minor attraction and maps' needs[1].

For the first seven years (2003-2011) B4U-ACT was state-funded. Currently it is maintained by donations[2].


Aside from organizing workshops and symposiums[3] and helping maps connect with therapists[4][5], B4U-ACT does many other important things for maps' mental health and and the public's education. It provides a private peer support forum for maps[6] and an email group for family members and friends of maps[7]. It also offers multiple forms of collaboration to researchers and students[8][9][10], maintains a summary of existing data about maps[11], and reviews new scientific publications[12].