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Contact-complex (contact complex, complex contact, comp c) is an identity in contact discourse. It can be described as a complex system of opinions that may not be adequately equated to either pro-contact or anti-contact without a significant loss of sense.


This term was coined and described in the beginning of June of 2022 on Tumblr. It does not have an inherent tie to map contact discourse. <blankquote>I don't believe a single term could encompass the true variety of circumstance that goes into determining if contact is a good idea or not.</blankquote> - the author of the concept, luketrit0n on Pixiv

Differences from other positions


The contact-complex belief system may incorporate some elements of anti-contact views, such as seeing youth age gap relationships as something different from peer relationships, but does not equate viewing youth age gap relationships as a bad idea by default.


Pro-contact views most often include a "rule of thumb", where youth age gap relationships are seen as okay, unless they have some elements that would also be inappropriate in peer relationships (e.g. physical and emotional abuse, manipulation). Contact-complex views can regard youth age gap relationships as inadvisable in other cases, employing some different criteria and judgment. These criteria will vary from person to person.


Many contact-neutral people describe their position as the absence of strong opinions and stances, or simply disinterest in contact discourse. Contact-complex people can be very opinionated about what they believe in.


"Anti-contact for one paraphilia, pro-contact for another"

The most common misconception about this contact stance is related to what it applies to. Some ended up believing that someone who is anti-contact is anti-contact for all paraphilias as a whole and vice versa, so the contact-complex label should be used to denote those who have different contact stances for different paraphilias. However, all contact stances are typically used to describe one's beliefs about acting on a particular paraphilia.