NNIA donation

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NNIA ("Non-Normative Identities Alliance") is two sites based on a concept of a new social movement that stands against the norm, centering maps and other paraphiliacs[1]. Most of this wiki's staff and editors use these sites.

As of now, it costs $36 monthly + $29.99 yearly to maintain nnia.space and $12 monthly + $14.95 yearly to maintain nnia.cc. You can help this project to live on by donating to the following addresses:

Monero: 83jDoaYji4oJHaDzz5btvWLtNUS4duVEZLAEtkUMZu4RWoxsApCQuqr9LyUpvKpi2Dcrmgq4LENjoJZkoHx6RHaa3JJu2Ay

Bitcoin: bc1qd2syy7rhjd0k5dpr8me96ddr96c4kqauq4a7wl