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A non-map (non-MAP, nonmap) is a person who does not have any minor attraction. These people may be attracted to adults, close in age children/teenagers, or have no attractions to humans or other beings at all.

Types of orientations

There are multiple types of orientations a non-map may have. However, none of these are inherently exclusive to non-maps.


This is an attraction to young adults aged 20-35. This is the most common chronophilia among adults[1]. Colloquially this word is used as a synonym for being a non-map adult. There exist map jokes about teleiophiles where this orientation is used in its colloquial meaning.


This is an attraction to middle aged adults (above 35 and below 60).


This is an attraction to elderly people over 60.


This abbreviation stands for "adult-attracted minor" and is applied to children and teenagers who are attracted to significantly older adults. There is evidence this term was used in the 00s[2], but later it was forgotten. It was spontaneously recreated by a Tumblr blogger aam-what-aam in the second half of 2018[3].

Adult attraction

Adult attraction, or adophilia is an attraction to adults of unspecified age. The age of the person who has this attraction is also irrelevant. Teleiophilia, mesophilia, gerontophilia, as well as the AAM identity, fall under this umbrella term.

Peer attraction

This is an attraction towards close in age people. Children and teenagers who are attracted to their own age groups have peer attraction, not minor attraction.

Other paraphilias

A non-map may have any other paraphilia, for example, an exclusive attraction to adult animals.


Aphilia is a term that means not being attracted to anyone or anything in any form[4].

Double standards

It is often implied that being exclusively attracted to adults/peers functions like some kind of a default orientation and needs no further explanations. However, most, if not all, concepts that are applicable to minor attractions can also be applied here. Exclusively peer/adult attracted people have an age of attraction, their age of attraction may differ depending on the gender of the subject.

It is interesting that many of those that ask maps "what will you do if the child you find attractive grows up?" ignore records of adult-attracted people who grow old together with their spouse, lose interest, and start dating a somewhat younger adult.


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