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Pedofur is a service ran by me, Raccoondad, that hosts websites I find to be beneficial to MAP activism, child abuse prevention, and victim support.

Services hosted under pedofur aren't exactly 'ran' by me. Many platforms are designed for specific people/communities in mind and I may not give as much input compared to something like the original pedofur website (which is directly written by me)

I still do moderate these platforms and its best to contact me with administration problems.

I am willing to help host free of charge, however I have semi-strict policies:

  • The hosted service needs to have some kind of beneficial service to MAP activism, child abuse prevention, or victim support. Such as:
    • A website that helps digest information about MAPs to non-MAPs for people who wish to come out to family or friends
    • A website that details how domestically abused children and teens can find shelters, transportation, and protection services in their areas
    • A website that allows for child abuse victims to give accounts of their abuse and how they cope with their trauma
  • You should have some kind of credibility, I may deny hosting if I cannot trust you.

Things I won't host

  • Anything I find creepy, immoral, offensive, abusive, or illegal. Yes I will define these however I want.
  • Anonymous user generated content based services. I don't like hosting or moderating them. Its too much for me and its out of the scope of pedofur. Abuse is very easy on these services and I would rather have a controlled environment with what is hosted under pedofur.
  • Services that are not English-centric...maybe. It really depends on a lot of factors. RU MAP Wiki was accepted since I had a trusted moderator. I simply just cannot moderate a platform or website as effectively when its not in English.


I may reject a service proposal for a variety of factors. Such as lack of funds, lack of time on my end (I am a single person currently, with some support), discomfort with the proposal, it violating one of my rules, or other reasons.

I expect that if the service is a platform like Mediawiki that you do you part in making sure to only allow trusted users to join and to moderate their actions. I take this very seriously.