Uncommon MAP identities

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Some identities, coined and developed by maps as a means to create a more precise description of their relationship with their mapness, are not used widely or known by most of the community. Yet, these identities still deserve to be listed.


Anti-grooming map, coined by Sophie. This is a subcategory of pro-contact ideology that specifically rejects grooming and manipulating the younger person in the relationship. 


Anti-contact map, denoting a map who is ideologically anti-contact regarding youth age gap contact discourse. This term (though not the ideology) is more popular with maps of Instagram and not very known anywhere else.


Anti-contact non-offending MAP, usually utilized by the radicals and assimilationists of the anti-contact movement. Coined by a person named Rainbow in 2019.


Another word for a non-exclusive map, coined by Dr Michael Seto in Is Pedophilia a Sexual Orientation?[1]. "Aion" is a Greek root for "age", so this, essentially, means "attracted to two age groups".


Defined as "the exclusive or non-exclusive attraction to children. used similarly to achillean or sapphic." by the coiner, Max. Despite the definition, this term is not a synonym for pedophilia, but for minor attraction as a whole.


Kind with a capital K, and Kinderfolk as plural, was proposed by Steve Diamond in 2019 as an alternative to map[2]. It is a pun on the German word for "child" and the English adjective "kind". The term was created in response to radical anti-contact activists on Twitter, and there existed a Twitter account promoting this identity and the ideas of map unity.


Korephilia is a lesbian map attraction[3].


Myap, also spelled as MYAP or m/yap, is a combination of minor attracted person and youth attracted person. It was created by Pappy on May 12, 2023.


This word is much older than most other terms in this article, its exact circumstances and reasons of coining are unknown. It is an alternative name for pedophilia and popular with pedophiles who like defining their attractions as a normal variant of human sexuality. In Dutch, however, the same word may signify a sex offender against children[4].


An abbreviation of "pedophile, hebephile, ephebophile, nepiophile", an alternative to map. It was coined by Kankri in mid 2018 on Tumblr as an attempt to bypass censorship. Inphe is a variant of it, adding infantophilia to the abbreviation. There are puns about these two terms and words "phenomenal" and "infernal".


Xenogender pedophile. The term was coined on November 15, 2021 by the user Neyneypawl on queerpedia[5].


Yap, or YAP, youth attracted person, is an alternative to map. It was coined by Lilitha more recently than youth lover or youth oriented, around the New Year of 2023. On April 25, 2023, Lilitha made a Twitter post about this identity, which attracted a lot of negative attention.

Youth lover

This term is popular with maps that do not like the legalist language of minor attracted person and define their attractions as "love". There is a certain overlap between these groups of maps and those that exclude aromantic maps and sadistic maps from mapness.

Youth oriented

A legalism-free alternative to minor attracted, coined by Alyssa Lucis Noctis. Unlike youth lover, this term is inclusive of maps with all types of attractions.


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