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The zoomap flag

Zoomap is an identity that can mean two types of attraction: a combination of minor attraction and zoophilia, or an attraction to animal cubs. Many people who identify as zoomaps are both.


It is unclear who coined this term, but it has been in use in Tumblr and Twitter map communities. The earliest relevant Twitter search results are dated 2019 and 2020.

The zoomap flag has been posted by Comet Vomit on January 31, 2022, to nnia.space. The flag features Greek letters zeta (which has been present on zoophile flags since at least 2016) and mu (actively used as a map symbol in mid 2019 on Twitter). A spike of public interest to this identity can probably be attributed to a fediverse instance zetamu.club (later zetamu.love, currently inactive), owned by a Twitter zoo blogger Sappho who became known after multiple dating scandals.

This identity causes outrage among the ZETA movement[1] adjacent zoophile bloggers, who rely on separating zoophilia from the rest of paraphilias as a means to gain acceptance from the public.