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The boylove symbol

The boylove logo (also called the BLogo) is a symbol of boylove.


The boylove logo, or BLogo was developed by Free Spirits user Kalos along with his partner in February of 1997[1].

My partner and I hit on the double triangles + blue colour as the basis for the design.

The symbolism has been discussed before and seems self-evident. If it isn't, refer to the graphic explanation above.

Since our design philosophy predicates that the ideal visual symbol should be capable of being drawn in the sand with a finger, a continuous line imposed itself as the solution.

We also took into account it's reproductability both in colour and black & white. Also, it should be possible to make it into a three-dimensional object, a lapel pin for instance.

We also wanted to create an image that was not too "in your face" so as to permit the user to acknowledge it's true meaning or... be as non-commital as the situation demands.

The BLogo's use is restricted to BL positive use only. Modifications and variations will be tolerated (indeed, are encouraged!) as long as the BL positive message is respected.

Any other use is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with severely under International Copyright and Communications Laws.

Blogo © 1997 Kalos

It is said that the triangle theme was inspired by the gay liberation pink triangle[2].

The BLogo page of the BoyWiki states that the original sketch of the boylove logo was published in the L'Elu magazine, volume 1, number.1, page 7. In reality pages 4-10 are taken up by an article about child pornography laws[3], while the BL symbol is featured on page 15[4]. A note at the end of the article Le BLogo redirects to the magazine's site for the original illustrations, presumably featuring the sketch. The site is no longer available.

The little boy love logo was developed by The Night Raven and Aztram[5].

There are currently several versions of the BLogo in use today.

Of those, there are none that properly symbolize the attraction we little boylovers feel towards little boys. The original BLogo, while monumental and inspriational, falls short of the desired message us lbl's wish to convey. In a world of labels and symbology it's only ideal that we create an lbl specific logo.

On a visit to the beach with a couple yfs, we thought upon the image of the standard blogo. Easily drawn in the sand with a finger.

We chose to create a variant of the current BLogo as seen at The main idea behind this variation of the BLogo is that it distinguishes itself by appearing like a young boys scrawl, giving it an enhanced "little boy" flavor. It's rounded, soft shape and lack of hard corners and steep angles, is symbolic of the little boys we love.

We feel that this variation of the blogo, although slightly different will not overpower, or undermine the meaning of the original created by Kalos. It will simply serve to say, this is who we are.. we are lbls.

Their initial digital version included embossing and shadows, popular in early 2000's web design[6]. In March 2020 Pappy made a flat plain color edit, which is in use on MAP fediverse instances as an emoji now.

The teen boy love logo is a version of the boylove logo, designed by Lecter in June of 2023. It is meant to be used by hebephiles and ephebophiles and appears deliberately angular and elaborate in shape.

Modern Times

With time the symbolism of the boylove logos was partially divorced from its initial meanings. The CLogo Team in 2002 have remarked that "women, even when they are attracted to boys, can hardly identify with the outer blue triangle"[7]. Nowadays multiple women and non-binary people use the boylove logo to identify themselves.


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