Exclusive and non-exclusive

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Exclusive and non-exclusive describe whether someone's attraction only includes one particular group of people, or extends further. For example, an exclusive pedophile is only attracted to prepubescent children, while a non-excluive pedophile may be attracted to adolescents or adults in addition to that.


Typically these adjectives are applied to minor attraction. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders makes a reference to exclusive and non-excluisve types of attraction while describing pedophilic disorder[1], but it is unclear whether this terminology originated there. Phrases like "exclusive teleiophile" may also be used while talking about normative age preferences.

On some occasions people that know map terminology poorly mistake "exclusive" for "exclusionist" or "exclus", which denotes a person who believes in excluding someone from activism and support groups because they do not fit the definition of who these groups are intended for accurately enough[2]. These misunderstandings have led to conflicts.


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