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The fictomap flag

Fictomap (ficto-map, ficto map) stands for "fictophiliac map". It is a map attraction towards fictional youth.

The alternative name for the fictomap identity is kodocon and its subcategories (lolicon, shotacon, cronacon). The kodocon identity gives more spotlight to attraction to youth from anime and manga.


This term was coined on Tumblr in 2021 by Soulqueer Schlatt. Schlatt also made the fictomap flag, featured above. As it writes in its own wiki, "Most people [that experience attraction to fictional youth] would call themselves a Kodocon, but this term was specifically made to have solidarity with MAPs."[1]


The fictomap identity received some backlash from mapmisiac proshippers, who saw it as validation of the antiship position (namely, "being attracted to fictional children is pedophilia, therefore it is bad"). It is important to note that this identity is not enforced by maps onto anyone unwilling and its usage in pro map spaces is strictly neutral or positive.


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