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Map fediverse[1] (also called pediverse or pedi) is a network of communicating social media sites made by maps and for maps.


The first map fediverse instance that we know of was called (a pun of the phen identity). It was launched in 2019 by an ex member of the Tumblr map community and shut down a few months later due to anxiety around antis and security.

In May 2020 was created by Alice together with Lecter, a former member of phenomenal. became the foundation of what is now known as map fediverse, after more instances, created by former nnia members, branched off from it.

List of current instances was co-founded by Lecter and Alice in May 2020 and became the starting point of map fediverse. This instance has anti bigotry rules, does not permit NSFW images and arguments in defense of the pro-contact stance. is a daughter instance of, created as a back up in autumn of 2023. It has the same rules, but is not connected to other instances and has a more private atmosphere.

This instance was made by Consuela in March 2023. It has German-speaking and English-speaking users.

This is an anti-c instance, made by Sirius in September 2023. The name is a play on the words "paraphilia" and "Vielfalt", the German word for diversity. While the instance is primarily for German-speaking people it also accepts registrations from English-speaking members.

This is a successor of, launched by Ezra in the beginning of 2024. It has been at the center of attention of Twitter and Telegram antis for multiple months after the launch.

This is an activism-focused branch of

The official Newgon instance, launched in spring of 2024 after shutdown of their Matrix server. Many other map instances defererated it due to hostile interaction with a nazi member and threats.

This instance was made by Luwa in 2023. It is advertised as a space for chronologically adult maps and other minorities.

List of inactive instances

Launched in 2019 by an ex member of map Tumblr, this was the first known map Mastodon instance. It never gained publicity and was shut down by the admin after a couple of months.

This instance was run by a pro-contact Twitter activist Rel. It was created in 2020, a couple of weeks after, and existed for a brief period of time.

This instance was made early into map fediverse' development by a member of nnia and suspended by providers after mass reports from antis.

Made after the suspension of by the same admin. It was unavailable for a long time due to problems with domain transfer and later co-existed with as an almost inactive backup., the third iteration of, was the longest-living instance in a series of vaguely school-themed map instances. It had an anti-bigotry policy, similar to nnia, but allowed NSFW posts and pro-contact advocacy.

Youjo was first made in summer of 2021 by a former member of map Twitter, Chizu. This site had much more lax content policy than nnia or and allowed several openly fascist or transphobic members. At some point it was actively used by Newgon administration and members. After its domain suspension in autumn 2023, it lost most of its users, but retained partial functionality.

This site briefly served as a replacement after the old site's domain suspension, but similarly went down within a couple of months.

This instance was made in the end of 2021 - beginning of 2022 by a former member of, Marder. Eventually it started experiencing a range of technical issues and was shut down in the end of 2023. Later its domain redirected to

A backup for, created as a temporary solution while the original site was malfunctioning. It has been suspended in May 2024 by their domain provider.

The newest iteration of, made after the old site's shutdown and suspended simultaneously with

This instance launched the day had its domain suspended. It was created and moderated with participation of Newgon members. It was advertised as a free speech space and quickly attracted Nazis, who the administration refused to ban despite multiple complaints. In addition to that, some members used it to post CSEM. The instance went down after a short spike of activity.

This site was meant to serve as a continuation of, but inherited all of its problems and did not stay up for long.

This instance, primarily intended for para art, was made by Ezra in mid autumn 2023 and suspended by the domain provider in December 2023 due to mass reports from antis.


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