Map Support Club

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Map Support Club (MSC) is an anti-contact online support group for maps and allies.[1] It was created by then staff-member of Virtuous Pedophiles Ender and OliverViking with the intent of providing support for minor maps. It was originally hosted on Discord but moved to a self-hosted Rocket.Chat instance at after it was repeatedly suspended by Discord.


The main feature of Map Support Club is its chat server. Any map at or above the age of 13 or adult ally can ask to have an account created for them.


To prevent antis from listening in to the conversations between maps, an onboarding process is in place for all new members. During this time they are only allowed to view a select number of rooms until they are deemed safe enough to be given the "MAP" role, offering access to the rest of the rooms.

Map-only rooms

A number of rooms are held exclusively for maps, with no access for allies even with the "Ally With Access" role. These rooms are usually used for discussions of mapness among peers.

Restrictions and privacy

People below 18 are restricted from sending or receiving direct messages. Further, direct messages are not treated as private and may be read by moderators.

Relation to other organizations

MSC receives partial funding and services from the Prostasia Foundation.[2] Services provided to MSC by Prostasia include the usage of Microsoft's PhotoDNA software to prevent the posting of child sexual exploitation material and legal guidance. [3]


MSC has received criticism from some maps for having strict rules and inconsistent or biased moderation. This has led to the creation of Open Map Community.