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Nomap is an abbreviation that means "non offending minor attracted person". It denotes a map who did not commit a sexual offense against a child, in a very broad understanding of an offense.

Used to combat the stereotypes that linked minor attraction to CSA, it was especially popular with the maps of Tumblr.

Controversy of usage

The nomap identity first had a brief surge of popularity and then started going out of use by the end of 2010s.

Legalism accusations

While "offense" is a legal term with different definitions in local laws, for a long time the word "nomap" was divorced from its legal implications. The Tumblr map community, which consisted largely of young people and those for who English was a second language, understood it as "someone who hasn't harmed children", as opposed to "someone who hasn't broken a law". Receiving more information about what an offense is and how it may vary from country to country was one of the reasons the word fell out of favor.

However, a cultural clash with non-Tumblr maps (especially pro-contact Twitter bloggers) has resulted in a rumor that Tumblr anti-contacts value legality above ethics and support police. The map flag, called "the nomap flag" by its maker, is a frequent target of such slander.

Undesirable outcomes

  • An unwanted dichotomy "maps and nomaps" entered the discourse. Since there wasn’t any word to denote an offending map, some people assumed "map" meant an offender.
  • There was never a clear definition of what an offense is. Defining it through legal terms would lead to identical acts being classified differently, depending on where the person lives. Some American maps' insistence on using their laws as a universal measure has exposed a problem of national supremacy in the map community.
  • There did not exist a place for rehabilitated ex offenders. Including people who have committed CSA in the past as nomaps was counterintuitive to the purpose of the label, and alienating them contradicted the goals of rehabilitation.

Possibly one of the strongest arguments against this word’s usage is that it creates an artificial division of violent acts into "sexual abuse of a child" and "everything else". However, some people still find the term useful, and in 2019 a figure known as Rainbow made up a word "acnomap", attaching anti-contact views to the old label.