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Newgon logo from 2007
Newgon logo from 2007

Newgon is a pro-contact MAP organization that calls itself an information center for the MAP Movement. Its website is a MediaWiki-based site archiving talking points and arguments for pro-contact MAPs.


Newgon started in 2007 after Google started censorship of small blogging sites.

In 2014 the site was disabled, with the ISP requesting the administrator for contact. Soon, the site's domain expired and the site went fully offline.

In 2021 Newgon returned, relaunching by "previous associates of and its network of activists." Several Newgon activists made Twitter accounts posing as researchers of sexuality.

In 2022 an official Newgon Twitter account appeared.

Political Stances

Newgon is known for its extreme and often conspiratorial viewpoints, suggesting that anti-contact people, among others, are "sex fascists"[1][2][3][4][5], controlling the contact stances of major governments[6], and part of a "child abuse industry" or "CSA-industrial complex"[7][8][9][10].


Newgon resorts to "triggered feminist" memes to present anti-contacts as "Social Justice Warriors"/"SJWs"[11], promoting sexism[12] and body-shaming[13] to score points against imagined opponents. It devalues older or infertile women to present young girls as more desirable[14]. Two of its "Memes and Graphics" are tagged with "feminazi" or "feminazis"[15]. Newgon says that it is "open" to "worldviews such as Men's Rights" and "Inceldom," and that individuals "politically engaged" in the New Right and Men's Rights are permitted as members for its "Yesmap" Matrix server[16]. Newgon promotes the MRA blogger "Angry Harry"[17][18]. Newgon writes favorably on the incel movement and is dismissive of feminist critiques of toxic male entitlement[19].


Newgon promotes the transmisogynistic belief that the LGBT community forces cis gay youth to transition into girls[20]. Newgon uses the transmisogynistic phrasing "women and transwomen"[21].

Newgon referred to Allyn Walker as a "trans academic who was attacked for 'misappropriating queer experiences' by activists in his own University's trans umbrella organization," misgendering them with incorrect pronouns[22]. After receiving backlash, Newgon corrected the pronoun to "their"[23].

Newgon referred to the transfeminine activist ZeebDemon as "trans (female-identifying)" instead of simply "trans female"[24], implicitly delegitimizing trans female identity as mere subjective "identification" which can be challenged by outsiders with superior interpretations of a transfem's gender experience, rather than a statement of fact which she herself is the foremost expert on. (Newgon does not refer to cis women or girls as "female-identifying," just "female.") After receiving backlash, Newgon changed the section to say "trans-woman" instead[25].

Newgon refers to ZeebDemon as "they"[26], although her most recently archived Twitter[27] and Tumblr[28] bios did not state which pronouns she uses, and neither does her Freak.University profile[29]. Her most recent public statements about her pronouns, including her profile[30] and a past Twitter bio[31], say that she uses "she/her," with no mention of "they." Many transfem activists have discussed how referring to a transfem as "they" without explicitly knowing that she uses "they" pronouns is a form of transmisogynistic degendering, and that it is disrespectful, invalidating, and often a bigoted dogwhistle to not default to "she" for someone known to be transfem with no other information given. Although ZeebDemon has confirmed in a recent private communication that she now uses she/they pronouns interchangeably, Newgon could not have known this beforehand, and this concurred with a broader pattern of transphobic behavior and biases.

Newgon refers to transgender people as "trans-identified" people instead of just "trans"[32].


Newgon refers to Indigenous peoples as "primitive"[33][34]. Newgon takes issue with the fact that "most online MAPs, particularly of the younger generation, strongly reject ethnonationalist ideology and wish not to be associated with it in any way, nor even to share a space with it," arguing that "ethnonationalist ideology" is insufficiently harmful to warrant such ostracism. Newgon claims that "non-violent" "white identitarianism" should be considered a valid "freedom of conscience"[35][36].


Newgon uses antisemitic caricatures[37] in attempt to prove its points. One of its "Memes and Graphics" is tagged with the antisemitic dogwhistle[38] "lizard people"[15].

In attempt to deflect from accusations of having a "New-Right/Alt-Lite Philosophy," Newgon says that it has metaphorically "'holocausted' antisemites and a whole variety of race-obsessed people, including some left-wing racists immediately," comparing violent mass genocide to (supposedly) banning someone from a chatroom[16].

In its "Archive" page of material it believes "has value," Newgon recommends the defunct Wordpress blog "Holocaust21" to read for the "Antifeminist perspective"[39]. The version of the blog saved on the Wayback Machine proclaims that it was about "resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights" and "promoting the idea that teenagers are adults and feminist inspired anti-sex & anti-children's rights legislation cloaked in the warped rhetoric of 'paedophile hysteria', 'rape hysteria' & 'child protection' is leading to a holocaust of men, kids & ironically even women. Why are there so few other blogs like this? Because men are scared of being murdered by feminist political predators, that's why." One article visible on the page begins, "As the UK descends further into a level of insanity that even those who lived through a Nazi concentration camp could not have predicted, the feminists have committed their first direct political assassination. The current wave of sexual harassment allegations…" This page, promoted by Newgon, appropriates the history of the Holocaust and Nazi concentration camps in its crusade against "feminist bitches," "the feminist disease," and "feminist oppression" of "incels"[40].


Newgon also frequently uses fatphobia and other body-shaming[41]. Some examples also involve insulting an opponent's lifestyle as "unhealthy" and "unnatural"[42], or even using fascist terminology such as "degenerate," "mental defective," and "inferior physiognomy"[43].


Newgon has taken part in spreading incorrect information about a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes intrusive sexual thoughts about children and claimed it can be equated to finding children attractive.

Newgon claims that Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a "fanciful idea" "formerly or presently promoted to aid in categorizing 'ideal' victims and perpetrators"[44]. While labeling the (mapmisic) anti-CSA psychologist Joyanna Silberg as a "hostile" "pseudoscientist"[45] and "unsympathetic activist"[46] in its page of people who have "spread misinformation about pedophiles or promoted the ideology of Child Sexual Abuse in public," Newgon cites as its reasoning that she is an "advocate of Dissociative identity Disorder"[47]. Newgon recommends Bruce Rind's analysis that the Leadership Council, a (mapmisic) organization Silberg is a member of, provides inaccurate information about mental health issues because its members "advocate for the validity of repressed memories and multiple personality disorder (MPD)," labeling these as "alleged" problems[48]. Newgon states that it has a "skeptical treatment of DID, a highly controversial and lucrative diagnosis whose purported existence is likely a function of personality types and sociogenic factors, rather than the traumas said to underpin it"[49].

Newgon uses the term "mentally retarded"[51] to refer to cognitively disabled people. Newgon hosts an image file "Retards.png," titled "Retarded or perturbed pedophile myth," and titled in the graphic itself as "The Retarded and Perturbed… 'Pedophile Degenerate.'" The text of the graphic seems to be trying to prove that pedophiles are more acceptable and less "degenerate" because they have relatively "normal" or greater intellectual capacities and executive functioning[52]. In a guide to "Social Media and Trolling," Newgon recommends that users insult an opponent as "mid-witted, with an IQ between 80 and 110" and "retarded"[53]. Newgon says of two antis, "Achievement 'retard' unlocked"[54].

Newgon insults its critics for supposedly having "OCD character traits"[16]. It attempts to denigrate and discredit MAP Wiki editor Iris for describing themself as mentally ill[49].


Newgon promotes anti-minor sentiments[55]. Newgon pejoratively refers to MAP Wiki editor Iris as "a mentally ill teenager" in an attempt to discredit them[56].

Newgon trivializes abuse of children in school and the home, claiming that assaultive interactions "are never seen to cause mental torture, nor to have lifelong consequences." According to Newgon, the belief that "non-consensual play," "beatings," "bullying," "discipline," and other abuses of power over children will harm them is "totally unwarranted," "moral hysteria," and "reactionism." Newgon claims people should be happy about this and should "encourage" it by "erasing societal stigmas," but is vague about what exactly is being "stigmatized"[57].


Newgon is dismissive of paraphilic identity labels it perceives as "new," "fringe," or based on "social justice theory"[58].

The Newgon activist JohnHolt takes issue with NNIA for "celebrating" various paraphilic identities, including "erotophonophilia," "biastophilia," "biastomaps," "aptomaps" (MAPs attracted to the concept of "grooming"), and "zoosadism"[59].

After seeing JohnHolt's post, the NNIA user who had coined "aptophilia" and "aptomap" discussed Newgon's paramisia[60]. [email protected], a fediverse account used by JohnHolt, quoted the thread with derogatory commentary[61]. Newgon also hosts an image file with a caption accusing fediverse users who discuss aptophilia positively of being "disruptors"[62][63].

Newgon attempts to denigrate and discredit MAP Wiki editor Iris for being a "self-describing biastophile (rape fetishist), and sadist - including in relation to animals"[49]. Newgon claims that rape fetishist or biastophilic MAPs are even more problematic than Nazis/fascist MAPs.[35][36]

In the "Debate Guide on Newgon's History," JohnHolt claims that boylovers "are not persecuted as a group" and "are rarely persecuted as individuals," and is dismissive of "online groups of people with shared trauma" from mapmisic abuse who believe this statement does not reflect reality. To elaborate on this, the article references[16] a BoyChat post titled "BL 'persecution' clown complex" where JohnHolt says that "Boy Lovers are not being 'persecuted', and never have been. If you believe this shit, calm down, and realize that you are part of a culture war and not a real war." He claims antis "want [boylovers] to survive and prosper" and that boylovers "will probably go through life with nothing worse than a lonely boner." He accuses boylovers who reject "working with people they hate," "don't understand" that positive change "will necessarily be gradual," and do not "support gradualist initiatives" of "refusing to reconcile radical philosophy with moderate demands" and "not behaving rationally"[64]. Newgon's "Ethos" page also describes its organizational approach as "radical philosophy, moderate demands"[21].

Disinformation Campaigns

Exaggerating Own Importance

Newgon has recently attempted to join the modern MAP community and MAP activism. In this, they made false claims about the MAP community and their own role in its history.

Founded in 2007, as the information center for the MAP Movement (coining the term and originating a flag concept);

- NewgonWiki as of 4 August 2022[65]

We started the whole "MAP" thing

- NewgonOrg on Twitter[66], currently suspended

Both these claims are not true. See: the history of the term "MAP" and the origins of the MAP flag.

After briefly correcting the wording and admitting independent origins of the MAP flag, Newgon has returned with its plagiarism assumptions and claimed that "the former [the MAP flag] could be a very slightly darkened and tinted adaptation of the latter [the Newgon flag]" on the page dedicated to the flag[67] and that "To say that the probability of the concept being copied/adapted is around 80% would probably be an understatement" on the page dedicated to responding to accusations[68]. The claim has been removed again after pushback[69].

Newgon now erroneously[70][71] claims that "sometimes referred to as the United MAP Flag on Pediverse, it [the 2021 Newgon edit] was never named as such on this site [NewgonWiki]"[72].

Misleading Terminology

Other Newgon initiatives include trying to rename "pro-contact" to "pro-choice," possibly as an attempt to use the positive connotations of the latter.

Pro-contact (or simply "pro-c") is a term used to describe a person - often an MAP or ally, as favoring the permittance of minor-adult physical/sexual relations - at least hypothetically.

- "Pro-c" on NewgonWiki as of 27 September 2021[73]

Pro-c, (pro-consent/choice or contact) is a term used to describe a person - often an MAP or ally, as favoring the permittance of minor-adult physical/sexual relations - at least hypothetically.

- "Pro-c" on NewgonWiki as of 24 May 2022[74]

This text by JohnHolt refers to anti-contact MAPs as "anti-choice"[75].

On its Twitter accounts NewgonOrg[66] and NewgonOrg2007[76], Newgon claimed to be "pro-choice" in lieu of labeling itself as "pro-contact."

On the same page with responses to accusations Newgon has claimed: "'Pro choice' (which some of us do use) was an initiative of Allyn Walker, and possibly even the MAPs they were referring to in their book"[77]. The book is unambiguously pointing towards MAPs as the source of this term.

When I asked them about this label during interviews, those who were referred to as pro-contact by anticontact MAPs pushed back against being labeled as such, preferring the term pro-choice.

- Allyn Walker, A Long, Dark Shadow[78]

That claim has also been removed after criticism from the wider community.

On its Twitter accounts[66][76] and "Ethos of Newgon" page[21], Newgon has claimed to be "anti-offending" to mean being against contact when it breaks the law (although still pro-contact for when it is legal). However, "anti-offending" is typically used in contact discourse synonymously with "anti-contact."

False Accusations

Newgon promotes far-fetched conspiracy theories about NNIA and MAP Wiki being secretly funded by antis[79][80]. Neither NNIA nor MAP Wiki is funded by any antis.

Newgon falsely alleges that NNIA and MAP Wiki staff have been "posting fake comments in an attempt to discredit their opponents - for example, using another MAP's Fediverse server, maliciously claiming to be an 'anonymous' ex-member of Yesmap who has been party to glorification of sex with infants"[49]. There is no evidence whatsoever that any member of NNIA or MAP Wiki, much less "staff," has made such a comment, much less for "malicious" or slanderous reasons, and staff members as well as other members of MAP fediverse can confirm this. Indeed, there is currently no concrete information at all about who the asker might have been, apart from their own claims. Tellingly, Newgon claims there were "comments," in the plural, but does not cite any other examples of such "comments" apart from that one anonymous ask, nor does it cite any specific evidence to back up its claim.

Furthermore, the ask in question[81] was not posted using a fediverse server. It was sent through Freak University Ask, a platform for asking and answering questions which is not a "fediverse server" in any way. Although it shares the same domain and management as the Freak University Mastodon server, it is not actually a part of the server itself, nor is it using the same infrastructure, and vice versa[82][83]. In fact, when the post was first being discussed on the fediverse, the Newgon Strategist rushed to request that the Freak University administrator remove "the first sentence" of the ask, ignoring that this is technically impossible, at least without deleting the ask entirely. He falsely labeled the anonymous asker as "Lecter's friend," although Lecter did not even know who the asker was, much less have any likely personal history with them, nor did either of them claim to be "friends" with the other in the interaction. Strategist also claimed that he has "never felt the need to agitate for sexual contact with infants, nor has anybody on [his] server" (demonstrably false[84]), complained of "defamation" and "damage," worried that the single-sentence anonymous statement might cause his server to be "seized," and stressed that he "[has] close relatives within that age range"[85].

Tragically for Newgon, his plea has so far been completely ignored.


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