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The xiplove symbol

Xiplove is an identity under the enbylove umbrella, denoting a map attraction to xenogender youth. Its name comes from the word "xip", which means a xenogender child or a teenager[1].


For the first time the concept of xiplove was suggested by a nnia.space user treehouse_system on May 28, 2022, around the second anniversary of nnia.

Once again; Happy 3rd birthday NNIA.space! As a more formal gift to everyone, I'd like to present my rough sketch for a (L)XL symbol!

Here's what may hopefully become the symbol for (little) xenogender lovers!

(Not sure if this is gonna be the little- or original symbol yet. I do know it's a greenish mint green, probably light/pastel in the LXL symbol.) [If anyone wants to touch it up a bit, that would be greatly appreciated.]

Pappy responded to this post and drew the general xiplove symbol (pictured in the beginning of this article), thus making treehouse_system's design represent little xip love. In August 2023 Pappy added the teen xip love symbol:

A graphic, showing xiplove's position in relation to other identities

Xenogender identities are a type of nonbinary genders, so xiplove is included in enbylove as a special subcategory.


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