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The girllove symbol

The girllove logo is a symbol of girllove.


There is way less definite information about the origins of the girllove logo than about the boylove logo.

It is highly likely that this symbol was developed in December of 2000 on a special forum called Girl-Lover-Logo-Design-Forum[1]. Its creation is periodically credited to an activist going by AP[2], who significantly invested in its promotion. According to his explanation of the symbol, the inner small heart represents a girl, but the outer heart, unlike the boylove logo, symbolizes a gender neutral adult. AP’s own site, Puellula, was also dedicated largely to girllove and girls and has been since suspended and excluded from the Wayback Machine.

It's possible to assume that at some point in the 00s the first design of the listed above was widespread in girllover communities. In 2007 it was recognized by a hostile-sounding commenter in someone's scarification result[3]. The commenter provided the following link: It is unclear whether this variant of the GL logo was referred to as the "Spike" logo, but it is not unlikely.

On some early sites, for instance, GirlWiki[4], the outer heart is depicted as blue, presenting the adult as a man.

Modern times

The little girl lover symbol was designed by Pappy in mid March 2020 on basis of the little boy lover symbol. The teen girl lover symbol was added by Lecter in June 2023. It is meant to be more elaborate and angular than the classic GL logo.

Nowadays some members of the map community draw parallels with the boylove logo's history and regard the girllove logo as symbol, rooted in lesbian love (lesbian map attraction is called korephilia). However, almost everyone agrees that a map of any gender may use it.


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