List of paraphilias

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This list of paraphilias is inspired by the Wikipedia paraphilia list[1] and includes content from several sources that were previously used by members of paraphiliac communities[2][3][4]. This list is meant to respond to a need for a resource that is inclusive of nonsexual paraphilias and free of medicalizing and stigmatizing language.

Paraphilias are divided into kinks (attractions to activities), fetishes (attractions to objects and body parts), and attractions to beings. All other divisions and categories, given in this article, are approximate and made up by the author for simplicity of classification.


This category includes attractions to activities.

Bodily Functions

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Bromidrophilia, also bromidrosiphilia, olfactophilia, osmolagnia, osphresiolagnia Smells and odors emanating from the body
Coprastasophilia Constipation
Coprophilia, also scat, skataphilia Feces and defecation
Dacryphilia Tears and crying
Defecaloesiophilia Painful bowels movements
Emetophilia, also vomerophilia Vomit
Eproctophilia, also flatuphilia Farting
Feederism Eating, feeding, and weight gain
Hygrophilia Body fluids
Hypnophilia Sleeping
Lactophilia Lactation and breast milk
Menophilia Menstruation
Omorashi Having a full bladder and/or wetting oneself, seeing someone else experiencing a full bladder and/or wetting themself
Ptaerophilia Sneezing
Renifleurism Smell of urine
Somnophilia Sleeping or unconscious people
Urolagnia, also urophilia Urine and urination

Violence, Pain, Harm

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Agonophilia Pseudo rape, consensual non-consent[5]
Albuminurophilia Albumen in the urine or kidney disease
Algolagnia, also algophilia Pain, also ability to receive pleasure from pain due to a difference in how your brain interprets stimulation[6]
Anginophilia Angina
Anophelorastia Ravaging and defiling
Anthropophagolagnia Raping and then cannibalizing another person[7]
Anthropophagy Ingesting human flesh
Apotemnophilia Having a healthy body part amputated
Asphyxiaphilia, also asphyxiophilia, hypoxyphilia Lack of oxygen and choking
Asthenolagnia Humiliation
Autassassinophilia, also autoassassinophilia Being in life-threatening situations, one's own death
Autodermatophagia Ingesting one's own flesh
Autohaemofetishism Bleeding oneself
Automasochism, also autosadism Inflicting pain on oneself
Barysadism Inflicting extreme pain or harm
Bastinado Foot torture[8]
Biastophilia, also raptophilia Rape[9]
Cancerophilia, also carcinophilia Cancer
Cholerophilia Cholera
Chremastistophilia, also harpaxophilia Being robbed or held up
Contreltophilia Sexual abuse
Cypridophilia Sexually transmitted diseases
Dacnolagnomania, also erotophonophilia, homicidophilia Murder
Dermographism, also triviphilia Scratching or cutting one's skin so marks appear
Dermatosiophilia Skin disease
Diabetophilia Diabetes
Dippoldism Physical child abuse
Ecorchement, also mastigothymia Flagellation
Emapihtophilia Gore
Enissophilia Criticism, verbal attacks
Epistaxiophilia Nosebleeds
Hematolagnia Drinking or looking at blood
Krouophilia Beating another person
Leptosadism Inflicting mild pain or harm
Lyssophilia[10] Rabies
Masochism Receiving pain
Mastigophilia Punishment
Narkobiastophilia Drugging and raping another person
Phalloorchoalgolagnia Torture of a penis and/or testicles
Phagophilia, also vorarephilia Eating living beings or being eaten
Phygephilia Being a fugitive
Piquerism Piercing the flesh of another person, most commonly by stabbing or cutting the body with sharp objects
Pligonophilia Scarification, burning, branding
Pugilism Punching or being punched
Rhabdophilia Flogging
Sadism Inflicting pain
Sklaviaphila Slavery
Souvliphilia Impaling another person, being impaled
Symphorophilia Witnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents
Syntrivo̱philia Crushing someone
Tamakeri Ball busting, kicks to the testicles
Taphephilia Being buried alive
Traumaphilia Wounds, trauma
Xylismaphilia Spanking


Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Cherophilia Joy
Hedonophilia Pleasure
Kopophilia Exhaustion
Lyssophilia[11] Being angry or upset
Phobophilia Fear
Zelophilia Jealousy

Other Human Experiences

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Acarophilia, also amychophilia Scratching, being scratched
Aeronauseophilia Airsickness
Afophilia, also aphephilia, chiraptophilia, haptephilia, naphephilia Being touched
Agateophilia, also dementophilia Insanity
Agathophilia Kindness
Agnotitaphilia Chastity
Agrexophilia Others being aware of one's sexual experiences
Agroikophilia Roughness (both of personalities and of acts)
Aisthitirakiphilia Sensory deprivation
Akophilia Hearing
Allodoxaphilia Different opinions
Allopellia Watching sexual activity (a form of voyeurism)
Allorgasmia Fantasizing about someone other than one's partner(s)
Amaxophilia Riding in a car or a wagon
Ambulophilia Walking
Amnesiophilia, also athazagoraphilia Forgetting, being forgotten
Angaliaphilia Cuddling, soft forms of intimacy
Ankylophilia Immobility of a joint
Anuptophilia Staying single
Apodysophilia Undressing[12]
Apopnigophila Face sitting
Ataxiophilia Loss of muscular coordination
Atychiphilia Failure or misfortune
Autagonistophilia Being on stage or on camera
Automysophilia Being dirty
Autoscophilia, also autoscopophilia Looking at one's own body, particularly genitals
Aviatophilia, also aviophilia Flying
Barosmia Smelling
Basiphilia Falling or being unable to stand
Basoexia, also kfiliphilia Kissing
Candaulism Exposing one's partner to others
Capnolagnia Smoking
Catapedophilia Jumping
Catagelophilia Being ridiculed
Catheterophilia Use of catheters
Cathisophilia Sitting
Ceraphilia Dripping hot wax
Chorephilia, also chorophilia Dancing
Chrematistophilia Paying for sex
Cleithrophilia, also clithrophilia Being trapped
Climacophilia Falling down stairs
Clinophilia Falling asleep
Cofortiphilia, also aptophilia[13] Grooming (as in, manipulating into a relationship)
Cordophilia, also merinthophilia Being bound
Cratolagnia Displays of strength
Cryptoscopophilia Watching others during private moments (a form of voyeurism)
Cuckolding Infidelity
Cyberphilia Internet
Deipnophilia Dining (social situation)
Didaskaleinophilia School
Dikephilia Justice
Dipsophilia Drinking alcohol
Doxophilia Expressing opinions and receiving praise
Dromophilia Crossing streets
Dishabiliophilia, also ecdyosis Undressing in front of others
Dystychiphilia Accidents[14]
Ebriuphilia Intoxication
Ecdemolagnia, also hodophilia Travel
Ecouteurism Eavesdropping, listening to people engaging in sexual activity
Electrophilia Electric stimulus
Eleutherophilia Freedom
Endymasiaphilia Cosplay
Endytophilia Remaining clothed during sexual activity
Ergasiophilia, also ergophilia Work, labor
Erotographomania Erotic writing
Erythrophilia Blushing
Eremophilia Loneliness
Exhibitionism Being watched
Febriphilia, also fibriphilia, fibriophilia Fever
Forniphilia Turning a human being into a piece of furniture
Frotteurism Rubbing against a person[15]
Gamophilia Marriage
Gerascophilia Aging, growing old
Gregomulcia Being fondled in a crowd
Gymnocryptosis Telling others about your sexual experiences
Gymnophilia, also omolagnia Nudity
Hamartophilia, also pecattiphilia Sinful acts
Harmatophilia Sexual incompetence
Homilophila Sermons and prayers
Homeovestism Wearing clothes typically associated with one's gender
Hybriphilia Being worshipped
Iatronudia Medical procedures and equipment
Kinesophilia Exercise
Kleptolagnia, also kleptophilia Stealing
Knismolagnia, also titillagnia Tickling
Laliophilia Public speaking
Lockiophilia Childbirth
Medolalia Talking about penises
Mixoscopia Watching one's partner engage in sexual activity with someone else
Moriaphilia Telling dirty jokes
Narratophilia Monologues, narrations, conversations[16]
Nepirasty Handling an infant
Normophilia Normal acts
Ntiskophilia Rave party aesthetic, atmosphere, clothing
Odaxelagnia Biting or being bitten
Oneirophilia Dreams
Orgiophilia Orgies
Ourithrasiphilia Sounding/urethral play[17]
Paichnidirolophilia Roleplay
Pathophilia Illness
Peiramaphilia Experimenting on someone, being experimented on
Peniaphilia Poverty
Peodeiktophilia Exposing one's penis (a form of exhibitionism)
Phronemophilia Thinking
Procticophilia, also anocratism Anal play[18]
Proktikoglepismophilia Rimming[19]
Psavophilia Fingering[20]
Psellismophilia Stuttering
Pteronophilia Being tickled by feathers
Sarmassophilia Kneading flesh
Scopophilia Staring
Seduziphilia Glam aesthetic
Selgolalia Telling stories with sexual themes
Serviphilia Serving
Sophophilia Learning
Stasibasiphilia, also stasiphilia Standing or walking
Stygiophilia Going to hell
Synallassomaiphilia Sexual bribery
Tantalolagnia Teasing
Taphophilia Funerals
Tarichefsipihilia Mummification
Telephonicophilia Phone calls[21]
Tepistaphilia Punk aesthetic and attitude
Testophilia Taking tests
Thlipsosis Pinching
Tikolobomassophilia Nibbling on someone's earlobe
Tithiolagnia Breastfeeding
Tomophilia Surgeries
Toxophilia Archery
Triolism, also troilism Threesomes
Tripsolagnia Having one's hair washed
Tripsolagnophilia, also tripsophilia Massage
Trypanophilia Injections
Uranophilia Heavenly thoughts
Vincilagnia Bondage
Voyeurism Watching other people
Xenoglossophilia Foreign languages


Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Achluophilia, also lygerastia, lygophilia, nyctophilia, scotophilia Darkness/night
Acrophilia, also altophilia High places
Actirasty Sunlight
Aeroacrophilia Open high places
Aerophilia, also anemophilia Air, wind or drafts
Agoraphilia Open or public places
Amathophilia Dust
Antlophilia Floods
Augophilia Bright light
Barophilia Gravity
Bathyphilia Depth or deep water
Brontophilia, also ceraunophilia, kerauniphilia, tonitrophilia Thunder and lightning
Cenophilia, also kenophilia Empty spaces
Chasmophilia Nooks, crannies, crevices, chasms
Cheimaphilia, also cheimatophilia, psychrocism Cold, ice, winter
Chionophilia Snow
Claustrophilia Closed spaces
Coimetrophilia Cemeteries
Cremnophilia Cliffs/precipices
Crepusculaphilia Semidarkness, halflight, twilight
Cryophilia Extreme cold, frost
Cymophilia Waves
Demophilia, also enochlophilia, ochlophilia Crowds
Lilapsophilia Tornadoes
Lithophilia Stones, gravel, mud
Nebulophilia Fog
Nemophilia, also ylophilia Forests
Oikophilia One's own home
Ombrophilia, also pluviophilia Rain
Potamophilia Streams, rivers
Pyrophilia Fire
Thalassophilia Sea
Thalpotentiginy Heat, warm weather
Xerophilia Dryness

Other Events And Processes

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Ablutophilia Baths and showers
Acerophilia Sourness and sour things
Acousticophilia Noise
Aeriophilia Anesthesia
Apeirophilia Infinity
Ataxophilia Mess, untidiness
Atelophilia Imperfection
Atomosophilia Atomic explosions
Autodysomophilia Bad odors
Cacophilia Ugliness
Cainophilia, also cainotophilia, centophilia, kainotophilia, neophilia Novelty, change
Chromatophilia Colors
Cryptophilia Forbidden knowledge, secrets
Epistemophilia Knowledge
Ereuthophilia, also erythrophilia, erytophilia Red color
Euphilia Goodness
Exophilia The bizarre or unusual
Geusophilia Tastes
Knissophilia Incense-burning
Ligyrophilia Loud noises
Melanophilia Black color
Melolagnia Music
Metamorfosiphilia Transformation
Metrophilia Poetry
Onomatophilia Certain words or names
Ozolagnia Smells
Phonophilia, also voxophilia Voices
Salirophilia Soiling and dirtying
Xanthophilia Yellow color


This category includes attractions to nonsexual body parts (partialism) and inanimate objects (objectophilia).

Body Parts

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Acomoclitia Hairless genitals
Acucullophilia Circumcised penises
Akrovystiaphilia Foreskin
Alvinolagnia Stomachs
Alvinophilia Belly buttons
Aptophilia[22] Unusual or inconvenient anatomy
Cardiophilia Hearts
Cheirophilia, also chirophilia, quirophilia Hands
Crurofact, also crurophilia Legs
Dermaphilia, also dermatophilia Skin
Diatrypophilia Body piercings
Dontophilia, also gomphipothia, odontophilia Teeth
Dysmorphophilia Physical deformities
Geniophilia Chins
Genuphilia Knees
Hircusophilism Underarm hair, armpit hair (a form of trichophilia)
Gynelophilia, also hirsutophilia Body hair (a form of trichophilia)[23]
Macrogenitalism Large genitals
Macrophallophilia Large penises[24]
Mammagymnophilia, also mastofact, mazophilia Breasts[25]
Maschalagnia, also maschalophilia, masehalophilia Armpits
Matiaphilia Nonhuman-looking eyes, contact lenses
Metopophilia Faces
Microphallophilia, also nanophallophilia Small penises
Nasophilia Noses
Navel fetishism Navel
Oculophilia Eyes
Onychophilia Fingernails
Organofact, also partialism Body parts (umbrella term)
Ossophilia, also osteophilia Bones
Podophilia Feet
Pubephilia Pubic hair
Pygophilia Buttocks[26]
Rhytiphilia Facial wrinkles
Spermaphilia Sperm
Splanchnophilia Internal organs and bowels
Sthenolagnia Muscles and displays of strength
Stigmatophilia Body modifications, such as piercings and tattoos
Stomaphilia Mouths
Tatouaphilia Tattoos
Trichophilia, also chaetophilia Hair


Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
ABDL, also diaper fetishism Diapers
Agalmatophilia, also galateism, statuephilia, statuophilia Statues, mannequins
Agyrophilia Streets
Aichmophilia, also belonephilia, enetophilia Needles or other pointed objects
Albutophilia, also aquaphilia, undinism Water
Alliophilia, also scorodophilia Garlic
Altocalciphilia High heels
Amaurophilia Blindfolds
Anaclitism Objects which one was exposed to as an infant
Anapnefstiphilia Respirators
Androidism Humanoid robots
Arachibutyrophilia Peanut butter
Arithmophilia Numbers
Astrophilia Stars or celestial space
Asymmetrophilia Assymetrical things
Atephilia Ruins
Athlitikopanopliaphilia, also athlitikaypostirktiphilia, athlitikomoiophilia Sports gear[27]
Aulophilia Flutes
Aurophilia, also chrysophilia Gold
Aurorophilia The Northern Lights
Ballistophilia Missiles, including bullets
Baloniphilia, also balloonism, looning Balloons
Bibliophilia Books
Blennophilia Slime
Botephilia, also retifism Shoes and boots
Carnophilia, also metephilia Meat
Catoptrophilia, also eisoptrophilia, katoptronophilia Mirrors
Chemophilia Chemicals
Chrometophilia Money
Chronomentrophilia Clocks
Cibophilia, also sitophilia Food
Condusphilia Condoms
Cometophilia Comets
Crystallophilia Crystals or glass
Cultrophilia Knives
Curvaphilia Objects with a curvy or circular shape
Cyclophilia Cycles, bicycles
Decalophilia Decals, stickers
Doraphilia Leather
Ecclesiophilia Churches
Endytophilia Clothes (umbrella term)
Fimotrophilia Gags
Formaphilia Objects with a certain shape (umbrella term)
Gantiphilia Gloves
Graphelagnia, also grapholagnia Pornographic pictures
Hematigolagnia Bloody sanitary pads
Hierophilia Sacred objects
Hoplophilia Guns
Hypephilia Fabrics
Kalsonphilia Stockings
Kaltsephilia Socks
Klismaphilia Enemas
Kommiphilia Latex and rubber
Korsesiphilia Corsets
Koukoulaphilia Masks/hoods
Lastichegantiaphilia Latex gloves
Liquidophilia Liquids
Logizomechanophilia Computers
Lykraphilia Lycra, spandex, darlexx
Mechanophilia Machines (trains, cars, etc.)
Megalophilia Large objects
Motosikletaphilia Motorcycles, biking equipment
Mucophilia Mucus
Mysophilia Dirtiness, soiled or decaying things
Neopreniophilia Neoprene
Objectophilia Inanimate objects (umbrella term)
Orthodontiphilia Teeth braces
Pediophilia Dolls
Periorismophilia Restraining devices
Pharmacophilia Drugs
Pictophilia Pictures and images, possibly erotic
Placophilia Tombstones
Planopiaphilia Metal armor
Plastiphilia Plastic
Plushophilia Stuffed toys
Potophilia Alcohol
Poupoulophilia Puffer jackets and their material; feathers and down
Pupaphilia Puppets
Pygmalionism Own creations/work
Renophilia Fur
Robotism Robots
Septophilia Decaying or infected matter
Siderodromophilia Trains
Silikoniphilia Silicone
Staurophilia Crosses, crucifixes
Stratiophilia Military gear
Subvestiphilia Underwear
Technophilia Technology
Tetagophilia Objects with a straight shape
Thorakisiphilia Chainmail armor
Tziniphilia Denim, jeans
Univestiphilia Uniforms
Vinyphilia Vinyl
Xyrophilia Razors
Xylophilia Wooden objects

Attractions To Beings

This category includes attractions to human and nonhuman beings.


Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Adophilia Adults (umbrella term)
Alphamegamia Older or younger people
Anililagnia, also matronolagnia Older women[28]
Autonepiophilia, also nepioprepeiaphilia, paraphilic infantilism Imagining oneself as a baby/toddler
Autopedophilia Imagining oneself as a child
Chronophilia An age group (umbrella term)
Ephebophilia, also phebophilia Older adolescents and young adults
Gerontophilia The elderly
Graophilia Elderly women
Hebephilia Pubescent people
Infantophilia Babies[29]
Mesophilia Middle-aged adults
Minor attraction Children and young adolescents (umbrella term)
Nepiophilia Babies and toddlers
Pedophilia Prepubescent children (typically over the age of 5)
Pedovestism Dressing like a child[30]
Teleiophilia Young and mature adults


Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Aelurophilia, also Ailurophilia Cats
Agriozoophilia Wild animals
Alektorophilia Roosters, chicken
Antholagnia, also anthophilia, fleurophilia Flowers
Anthropomorphilia, also anthrozoophilia, furry Fictional human-animal hybrids
Apiophilia, also melissophilia Bees
Arachnephilia Spiders
Autozoophilia Imagining oneself as a nonhuman animal
Bacillophilia Microbes
Bacteriophilia Bacteria
Batrachophilia Frogs
Biophilia Living beings (umbrella term)
Botanophilia, also floraphilia Plants (umbrella term)
Bufonophilia Toads
Canophilia, also cynophilia Dogs
Chiroptophilia Bats
Delphinophilia Dolphins
Dendrophilia Trees
Dinophilia Dinosaurs
Dracophilia Dragons and serpents
Equinophilia, also hippophilia Horses
Entomocism, also entomophilia Insects
Ichthyophilia Fishes
Isopterophilia Termites
Lepidopterophilia Butterflies, moths
Lutraphilia Otters
Musophilia Mice
Mycophilia Mushrooms
Ophidicism, also ophidiophilia Reptiles[31]
Ornithophilia Birds
Ostraconophilia Shellfish
Phallainophilia Whales
Phthiriophilia Lice
Pteridomania Ferns
Selachophilia Sharks
Vermiphilia Worms
Vixenamoria, also vixenamory Foxes
Zemmiphilia Mole rats, possibly other hairless animals.
Zoolagnia, also zoophilia Nonhuman animals (umbrella term)


This category includes preferences for different kinds of relatives. These terms should be regarded as inclusive of both blood relatives and chosen relatives.

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Aimomixiaphilia, also consanguinamory, consanguinophilia, synegenesophilia Relatives (umbrella term)[32]
Fratrilagnia Brothers
Incestophilia Incest (as in itself; personal preference for relatives is not implied)
Matrilagnia, also matrolagnia Mothers
Novercamania Stepmothers
Patrolagnia Fathers
Pentheraphilia Mothers-in-law
Soceraphilia Parents-in-law
Sorophilia, also sororilagnia Sisters
Thygatrilagnia Daughters[33]
Vitricophilia Stepfathers

Other Parameters

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Abasiophilia People who use leg braces or other orthopedic


Acrotomophilia, also amelotasis Amputees
Allotriorasty People of other nations or races
Amaurophilia Inability to see or blindness
Amputeeism, also apotemnophilia Imagining oneself as an amputee
Anasteemaphilia Taller or shorter people
Androgynophilia Androgyny
Andromimetophilia Female crossdressers[34]
Angelophilia Angels
Anthrozoomimetophilia, also furry People dressing up and roleplaying as anthropomorphic animals
Antiphilia Antis
Aphenophilia Rich people, wealth
Aretifism Barefoot people
Autiphilia Autistic people
Autoandrophilia Imagining oneself as a man/masculine (not exclusive to any sex or gender)
Autoandrogynephilia Imagining oneself as an androgyne/androgynous, having both male/masculine and female/feminine traits (not exclusive to any sex or gender)
Autogynephilia Imagining oneself as a woman/feminine (not exclusive to any sex or gender)
Autophilia Oneself (an umbrella term)[35]
Autoplushophilia Imagining oneself as a stuffed toy
Autovampirism, also vampirism, succolamiaphilia Imagining oneself as a vampire
Bejerophilia One's abuser
Celebriphilia Celebrities
Coulrophilia Clowns
Cyprinophilia, also cyprianophilia, pornolagnia Sex workers
Daimonophilia, also demonophilia Demons
Dentophilia Dentists or dentistry
Equestrianism, also ippasiaphilia People roleplaying as horses or ponies
Fictophilia Fictional characters
Fujiphilia Gay men
Gaetophilia, also wiccophilia Witches and witchcraft
Gynemimetophilia, also gynandromorphophilia Male crossdressers[36]
Hermaphroditphilia Intersex people[37]
Himephilia Lesbians
Hybristophilia Criminals
Katoteritaxiphilia Chavs/gopniks
Lipophilia, also adipophilia, liposiphilia Fat people
Macrophilia Giant beings, the imagined growth of beings
Maiesiophilia Pregnant people and pregnancy
Maniaphilia Insane people
Microphilia Small beings, the imagined shrinking of beings
Morphophilia Particular body shapes or sizes (umbrella term)
Nanophilia Short people
Necrophilia The dead[38]
Necrobiophilia, also pseudonecrophilia People pretending to be dead
Parthenophilia Virgins
Peladophilia Bald people
Poképhilia Pokémon (a form of fictophilia)
Politicophilia Politicians
Potestaphilia People who have authority over oneself
Pseudozoophilia People pretending to be animals
Santaphilia Santa Claus
Savantophilia Mentally disabled people
Schediaphilia, also toonophilia Cartoon characters (a form of fictophilia)
Spectaphilia People who wear glasses
Spectrophilia Ghosts
Tarachopoiophilia Skinheads
Teratophilia 1. People with physical body variations. 2. Monsters[39]
Threpterophilia Female nurses
Transvestic fetishism Crossdressing[40]
Transvestophilia Crossdressers
Tromophilia Eldritch horrors
Xenophilia Strangers
Zeusophilia Gods

Mixed Category

Paraphilias in this group include attractions to atypical beings with additional preference for objects, body parts, and activities.

Paraphilia name Focus of attraction
Anthropormorphicaphilia, also zoomorphiaphilia Transformation into an animal
Cnidophilia Stings
Faunaphilia, also faunoiphilia, mixoscopic zoophilia Watching animals mating (a form of zoophilic voyeurism)[41]
Fictophiliac minor attraction, also kodocon Fictional children and young adolescents
Formicophilia Being crawled on by insects
Misophilia Hate groups that target one's identity, being hated
Mixoscopic bestialism Watching sexual acts between humans and animals (a form of zoophilic voyeurism)
Zoopedophilia Animal cubs
Zoophilic exhibitionism Being watched by animals
Zoophilic voyeurism Watching animals
Zoosadism Nonhuman animals in pain[42]


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