Map observances

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Map observances are special days celebrated by the map community.

Enbylover Day

Spring equinox (March 20 in 2024)

This is a special day for all enbylovers. For the first time it was observed in 2024, the spring equinox was suggested by members of map fediverse in 2023.

Alice Day

April 25

This date is a holiday for girllovers. It is named like so because on this day in 1856 Lewis Carroll met Alice Liddell. Some maps do not observe this date due to ethical concerns around Carroll's behavior[1].

Map Remembrance Week

June 6 - June 12

During this week various aspects of the map identity and community are appreciated. The exact list varies between years and may include both positive and tragic aspects. For the first time it was observed in 2022.

Map Flag Day

June 13

This date is the anniversary of creation of the map flag. It is celebrated as a general holiday for all maps since 2019.

Boylover Day

Summer and winter solstices (June 20 and December 21 in 2024)

Alternatively called International Boylove Day, this is a holiday for boylovers. It is most commonly observed by lighting a blue candle as a sign of appreciation of boys and other boylovers in one's life. Some put this candle in their window as a secret sign. This is one of the oldest map celebrations, observed since 1998[2].

Mapmisia Awareness Day

July 14

Alternatively called Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with the victims of pedophobia, this is a date to remember the victims of the anti-map prejudice and protest the injustice. First suggested in 2020.

Paraphilia Pride Month


This is a pride month for all paraphiliacs. While not exclusive to maps, it has been first conceptualized and celebrated on map fediverse in 2023.


  1. In addition to being a mathematician and a writer, Carroll was also interested in photography. On more than one occasion little girls posed nude for him, and some of these photos were released after his death. While this may have had different context in his era, it may not be an appropriate detail to celebrate now
  2. International Boylove Day, BoyWiki.